Adlai E. Stevenson I


Adlai Stevenson Tells of Old Metamora


     The following is an article of interest printed one hundred years old ago in the January 28 issue of the Metamora Herald written about a chapter in Adlai Stevenson’s new book just issued: 


     “A chapter devoted is some of his experiences in Metamora is one of the features of Adlai Stevenon’s new book, “Something of Men I have known,” recently published, a copy of which has made its appearance here.  Mr. Stevenson makes an amusing story of  acquaintance with one Doctor John, whom he describes as an old time country doctor, and who will be remembered by early settlers.  The old Metamora House is referred to as “Traveler’s Home” and its proprieter, Mrs. Speirs, who still makes her home in the old building, is called Mrs. Sparks in the narrative.  Dr. John and Mr. Stevenson were both boarders at the Metamora house in the early days and the writer tells some amusing incidents at the expense of the doctor.  It appears that Dr. John was very illiterate and boasted that he never wrote what he calls a “proscription” and he disdained all book knowledge.  On one occasion a young schoolmaster bantered the doctor that he couldn’t even spell “sugar”.  Doc John took up the schoolmaster and Mr. Stevenson was appointed referee.  The Doc was then ordered to proceed and he spelled it: “shoogor”.  Mr. Stevenson handed the five dollar wager over to Doc John saying he had won.  Mr. Stevenson refers to Lincoln, Ingersoll and the old judges and lawyers that frequented here in those times, and the chapter is altogether an interesting one.  The work is written in fine literary style, and as Mr. Stevenson infers in his preface, it gives many phases of the lives of the great men of the past whom he has known, from the time he began the practice of law on town through his career in congress and his term as vice president.”    


Adlai E. Stevenson I (left) visits with local merchant  John F. Isch. Photo circa 1911 From The Herald, Sept 25, 1902
From The Herald, June 24, 1908 From The Herald, August 1902


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