Dr. Joseph I. Knoblauch, Physician

May 25, 1867 April 29, 1936


     Joseph Ignatius Knoblauch was born in Wuertemberg, Germany to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Knoblauch.

     In 1893 he married Betty Green. She died in 1915. On May 25, 1917 he married Mrs. Ruth Giehl. She survives him as well as her daughter, Mrs. Guelma Ditto and Dr. Knoblauch's adopted daughter Mrs. Phyllis Kimmel.

     At the age of 16 he came to Metamora, IL where friends of the family had already settled. He engaged in farm work during the summer and studied the English language in the winter. He graduated from Metamora Township High School with the class of 1888 and went on to be a teacher in rural schools teaching both German and English. After earning enough financial support, he entered Northwestern Medical University in Chicago, IL. On April 25, 1893 he received his diploma and returned to Metamora to take over Dr. W. A. Mansfield's practice. For forty-three years he served the medical needs of the community and attended to more than 3200 births. Dr. Knoblauch was active in many organizations and served several terms as mayor of Metamora and as president of the Metamora Township High School Board of Education.

From the Metamora Herald dated May 1, 1936

     Outstanding in his years of service not only in this immediate community but throughout a wide area, is his almost unmatched career as a physician. He was truly great in the medical profession as his success through 43 years attests. With his skill he combined the gift of being thoroughly human, sympathetic and utterly devoid of selfishness.


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