Metamora Grade School

First school built in 1850 for both grade and high school students.

All Grades and High School Classes - April 1920


Built in 1952

School gym added in 2003

Metamora Grade School

     History tells us that early school records indicate that Betsy Page taught the first school in this area in a little log house about the year of 1836.  In some areas, schools were held in private homes.  The teachers often boarded with a resident of the country school. 

     The first school taught in Metamora Township for which public money was used was taught by Miss L. K. Morse.  The trustees of the district (Parker Morse, James Owen and Thomas Jones) made application for a portion of the public money for this school, and after many delays, and a vast amount of red tape, they finally succeeded in getting it around l837.

     The first graded Metamora village school was built about the same time as was the Metamora Court House in 1845.  It was replaced in 1850 by a two-story brick building erected on the corner of Partridge and Hanover Streets; here the lower grades occupied the first floor, and the high school and Masonic Hall the second floor.  This was the set-up until 1872 when fire unhampered by any fire-fighting equipment, completely destroyed the building.   Immediately rebuilding was begun, and by 1873, Solomon Egbert, a local contractor, had completed on the same site a new two-story brick structure at the cost of $8000 which was to serve as both grade and high school until 1915.  It was one of the best adapted buildings in the county at that time.  This building remained in use until 1952 when the present Metamora Grade School was erected at the east edge of Metamora on Partridge Street. In that year the orphanage,  operated by the Sisters of St. Francis, was purchased and opened in the fall as a four-year high school.  (Taken from the 1968 Woodford County History)

     Dedication of the new Metamora Community Consolidated Grade School took place on Thursday, November 6, 1952.  Cost of the new building was $366,918.

Since that time several additions have been built due to increased enrollment.  In 2003 a school gym was added.    

History and photos submitted by Shirley A. Adams.

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