Brighton Memorial Park

Located at the corner of Park Dr. and Knollaire



Brighton Memorial Park


As part of the annexation agreement in 1995 with the village of Metamora, James and Cindy Garber agreed to donate a 1.393 acre parcel for a park located in the Brighton Park subdivision.  This parcel was deeded to the village in 1999 and stood vacant until 2005.  Village officials discussed what to do with the land and even considered selling it.  As a result, residents of the subdivision with the support of local businesses and village residents began a push to get this land transferred to the park district.

Local residents wrote a successful Illinois Department of Natural Resources OSLAD grant application, and along with major contributor MTCO and many individuals, raised the money needed to develop the park. 

In 2007, the park was built and now includes a playground, a gazebo, and a basketball court.  

History and photo submitted by Shirley A. Adams and John Heinz. 

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