Hindson Grocery and Bakery


Lower Basement Windows

Brick Lined Oven





     Carl H. Hindson came to Metamora in May of 1902 after learning the bakersí trade.  He was employed in the bakery of Louis B. Meister for several years.  He married  Josephine Holzinger in 1903.  They resided here except for two years when they had a bakery in Havana, IL.  After returning to Metamora in 1909 he resumed baking for Mr. Meister for a time.  Then he bought the store and bakery and conducted it for some years.  He then sold it to Otto F. Giehl in 1921.  Several years later he again took over the grocery and bakery business on the East Partridge Street  location just east of the Metamora Courthouse.  His sister-in-law, Miss Florence Holzinger assisted in the bakery.  He continued there until his retirement due to ill health in 1948. 

     Mr. Hindson was very active throughout his years in the Metamora community.  He was a member of the Metamora Fire Department and was Fire Chief at the time of his death.  An ardent band man, he was given credit for keeping alive the band in Metamora for many years.  For more than a quarter of a century he was manager of the band and continued to play up to the time he was stricken ill.  He passed away January 28, 1949 after a five months illness. 

     Kenneth Willman whose father had the drug store one door east of the bakery recalls how much fun it was to lay on the sidewalk and look through the lower basement windows to see the Hindsons at work.  Once in awhile they would be treated with a fresh baked roll.  The aroma was so good.  

     The brick lined oven and windows can still be seen in the basement today.  The building is now privately owned.



History and photo submitted by Shirley A. Adams.


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