Has Adlai Lost His Marbles? 

April 9, 2005

      On display at the Stevenson House were marbles and marble games of the past and present. Both young and old enjoyed playing the old fashioned games and looking at the displays.


Three brothers learn the Marble Bridge game....

Objective: Score the most points by rolling marbles under the arches.

Ante: 3 marbles per player.

Rules: Players take turns rolling or shooting marbles from the rolling line through the arches. The player scores the number above the arch. After 5 rounds the player with the highest score wins the ante.

Another family plays Handy Candy ....

Objective: Collect the most marbles by guessing correctly. Each player starts with 20 marbles.

Rules: One player holds a number of marbles in a closed fist and asks "Handy Candy?" The other player guesses how many and if they are correct, they get the marbles in the fist. If wrong, the guessing player must pay the difference between the guess and the number in the fist. The winner has the most marbles after 10 rounds.

One display featured both hand made and machine made marbles as well as games manufactured by Marx, Wolverine and other toy makers.  

Another display featured marbles in the original packaging and various types of marble bags. 


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