Grandpa's Rock 

Submitted by: Lois L. Rohman

     It all began on the property now located on what used to be called old Zimmerman road, at the intersection of Green Briar Dr., northwest of Metamora…..

     It was on this property, where the son of Valentine Rohman, named George grew up. While a youth, he was wandering around the old creek bed one day and ran upon a rock. He was intrigued by this rock and to him, it had the face of a monkey on it. He carried it home to add to his rock collection. There it lay for many years and after George married Victoria Alig, he discovered his rock once again. It was about this time when the call had gone out to all the people to donate rocks for the new band stand in the park. So, George decided to give his prized rock to the park committee for the new band stand. Thus the legend began.

     One day while strolling in the park, George found his rock embedded into the foundation. Each succeeding generation has been told about Grandpa’s rock, and how it came to rest in the band stand foundation. Everyone who looks at the rock, looks upon it with a different point of view. Some say it looks like a ghost’s face and others like an old man.

From the Metamora Herald dated August 7, 1931

Mayor R.J. Schneider’s project of a new boulder band stand for the Metamora village park, to be built largely gratuitously by community effort, has taken quick form during the week, and as The Herald went to press Thursday afternoon the footing was finished for the new structure.

More Boulders Wanted

A good-sized pile of boulders for the walls is already on hand, all donated, but it is desired to have all the rocks needed to complete the job on hand by next Monday. Those who have agreed to furnish stones, and others who wish to have a part in the erection of the new stand are asked to act today and tomorrow.

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